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1. On Crying And Genetics (Part 2)
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,PGD,Bone Growth Disorder,Pre-gestational diagnosis,Achondroplasia,Dwarfism,IVF,FGFR3 gene,Bowed Legs,In-Vitro Fertilization,Polar Body)
          One of the benefits of working in the same place for close to 20 years is receiving "surprise" guests. Not infrequently, people who happen to find themselves at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, and ...
2. Si Vas Pacem Para Bellum --When you want peace prepare for war!!
(Matching tags: Hints For The Staff In The ER,War)
What do we ‘do' in times of Piguim and what to 'expect' on order to prepare for multiple (mass) community 'events' given the 'warnings', a question some of my NYC colleagues have been asking as they prepare ...
3. Stop And Smell The Flowers
(Matching tags: Flowers,Edward Michael Adler)
There is a saying in English "Stop and smell the flowers" which loosely means to take time out and enjoy the beauty in life.  In Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, one hardly sees people walking slowly ...
4. Collateral Damage
(Matching tags: PTSD,Terrorist War,Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,Jewish Press,Collateral Damage,Piguah)
... and destruction inflicted on civilians in the course of military operations.   In a ‘terrorist war' the collateral damage may not be obvious to the eye.  ...
5. Orange is Hot and Blue is Calming? Living in Israel During Colorful Times.
(Matching tags: Dedication,Disengagement,Blue Strips,Orange Strips,Loyalty,Passive,wholesomeness,Fruitfulness,Contentment,Warmth,Calm)
I am in a conundrum.  Torn between parts of myself.  In Jerusalem right now, as in many areas of the country, cars are ‘festooned' in blue or orange strips of cloth.  Orange is for those who don't want ...