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1. Living And Learning From The Sayings Of Our Fathers
(Matching tags: Counter-Transference,Jewish Press,Chaim K.,Transference)
By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2007          Hillel says: "Do not separate from the community. And do not trust yourself until the day of your death. And don't judge your friend until you are in ...
2. Is Ice Fleishig Or Milchig? Another Case From A Psychologist's Journal
(Matching tags: Redirected Feelings,Counter-Transference,Jewish Press,Congenital Lactase Deficiency,Paranoia,Defensiveness,Anxiety,Lactose Intolerance,Transference)
Late one afternoon my secretary, Tova, told me in my office that I really have to take this call now, as the woman on the other end of the phone kept saying, "This is an emergency." I picked up the phone ...