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1. Birkhat Ha’Gomel: Community Response to Acute Stress Disorder
(Matching tags: PIE,Sings,Thanksgiving for Salvation,Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment,CBT,Chronic Post Traumatic Stress,DSM-IV,Birkhat Ha’gomel,ASD,Acute Stress Disorder,Pharmacotherapy,Abreaction,Psychoeducation Technique,EMDR,PTSD,Guilt)
ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to propose the introduction of a communal ritual as a post trauma early intervention technique. There are specific community oriented methods for dealing with trauma ...
2. A Thanksgiving Day Story
(Matching tags: Thanksgiving,Turkey,Chestnut Stuffing,Cranberry Sauce)
One of the hardest things for me to give up when moving to Israel from The States, was not Sunday, but rather Thanksgiving (we have a six day week here, though now we are moving towards a five day week ...