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1. Thanksgiving Jerusalem Style 2006: The Triple's Fifth Anniversary
(Matching tags: Terror,EMDR,Jewish Press)
         Amalia Oren, director of social work at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem where I work, came down to show me a well-worn edition of LaIsha. On the cover of this women's magazine was a beautiful ...
2. The Continuing Legacy Of Chezi Goldberg
(Matching tags: Death,Terrorism,Jewish Press,Chezi Goldberg)
Chezi Goldberg, H"Y"D, May G-d Avenge His Blood, was the columnist who wrote the weekly column "Chezi's Corner" for The Jewish Press. He was an early member of Nefesh Israel, and was on the conference ...
3. Terrorism has many forms
(Matching tags: Internet,Self Blame,Form Of Terrorism)
With the advent of the Internet we have made ‘boundri-less' contacts.  We may be sitting in the office, at home or on the ‘road', but we can ‘connect' with faceless friends and foes alike.  There is an ...
4. We lost our general on the battlefield
(Matching tags: Temunat Matzav,Neuropsychologist,MCI,Dr. David Appelbaum,Mass Casualty Incident,Terrorist Activity,Pigua)
Tuesday September 9, 2003 6:00 pm I am writing this to give you a ‘temunat matzav', a picture of the ‘situation'.  The ‘Matzav' in Israel vis a vis ‘them and us'. I guess life here is never either/or.  ...
5. Collateral Damage
(Matching tags: PTSD,Terrorist War,Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,Jewish Press,Collateral Damage,Piguah)
... and destruction inflicted on civilians in the course of military operations.   In a ‘terrorist war' the collateral damage may not be obvious to the eye.  ...