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1. Reflecting On Reality... Or Not Every Race Is Worth Winning
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,Neuroimaging,The Mirror Box,Phantom Limb Pain)
       He knocked on the door. He was early and I asked him to wait in the waiting area. He paced back and forth. He knocked again. And again. All I could think of as I opened the door was Mr. Hare (The ...
2. May The Gates Of Heaven Connect To Our Bridges Of Beseechings
(Matching tags: Breast Cancer,Stem Cell,Pre-gestational diagnosis,Prenatal,Invitro-Fertization,IVF,PGD,BRCA1,BRCA2,CHEK2,Jewish Press,Prophylactic Mastectomies,Prophylactic Hysterectomy)
Coming into Jerusalem is always a thrilling experience, even for 'veteran' Jerusalemites, but since the new opening of Spanish architect, Santiago-Calatrava's Jerusalem Chords Bridge, Jerusalem has a "new" ...
3. This week I had a visitor
(Matching tags: Accute Stress,Re-traumatization,Trauma Symptoms,Alert)
This week I had a visitor.  I didn't recognize him immediately because it had been over two years since we had last met.   He was in Jerusalem for a wedding and just came by to say: "hello".
4. The Theory of Mind and the Little Experiential Museum that Roared
(Matching tags: Sally Ann Task,Opaque Vision,The Theory of Mind,False Belief,Wimmer and Perner,TOM)
Frequently when one lives in a place you don't see it as well as a tourist does. Tucked away in ‘The City' is a small museum that reminds me of a movie I saw in 1959, it was called The Mouse that Roared.  ...