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1. A Tale Of Two Cities And Life's Passages
(Matching tags: Special Needs,Jewish Press)
If you are "sane" enough to say you are crazy, you are not insane enough to be taken seriously (see Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, 1961).   Two parallel existences go on. The inhabitants of both "cities" ...
2. Coming to Israel for the Year
(Matching tags: Aliya,Special Education Curriculum,Sherut HaPsychologi Chinuch,Mercaz LeHitpatchot HaYeled,Special-needs,Neuropsychology)
Coming to Israel for the Year/Aliya with a ‘Special-needs' family member? Chezi Goldberg z'l --H'YD- May Gd Avenge his blood- wrote about coming on Aliya with children and teens, I am sure, had he lived ...