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1. We lost our general on the battlefield
(Matching tags: Temunat Matzav,Neuropsychologist,MCI,Dr. David Appelbaum,Mass Casualty Incident,Terrorist Activity,Pigua)
Tuesday September 9, 2003 6:00 pm I am writing this to give you a ‘temunat matzav', a picture of the ‘situation'.  The ‘Matzav' in Israel vis a vis ‘them and us'. I guess life here is never either/or.  ...
2. Collateral Damage
(Matching tags: PTSD,Terrorist War,Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,Jewish Press,Collateral Damage,Piguah)
The term Collateral Damage is the military parlance for the damage and destruction of targets or personnel not considered as lawful; when it is used as a euphemism, it is defined as the inadvertent casualties ...
3. Case of the Mute French Again
(Matching tags: Piguah,Weird Cognitions,Acute Stress,Brain-Behavior Relationship)
Wednesday night I finished ‘early' at 5:30 pm. What can I say, at 5:45pm the beeper went off, the radio channel had ‘Piguah (apres terrorist) music'-soft tones, philosophic melodies, and I turned around ...