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Abstract Standardized neuropsychological test batteries demonstrate their greatest reliability and validity in patients with focal, well-defined neurologic disease. In these patients, the test profiles ...
2. Consultation Across A Seemingly Great Divide.
(Matching tags: Madressa,Neuropsychology,Jewish Press,Pediatric Oncology)
There was a request from both the nurses and social workers of Pediatric Oncology, to see a patient.  The patient was a 9 year old girl but the person "we REALLY need help with, is the brother!"
3. Coming to Israel for the Year
(Matching tags: Aliya,Special Education Curriculum,Sherut HaPsychologi Chinuch,Mercaz LeHitpatchot HaYeled,Special-needs,Neuropsychology)
Coming to Israel for the Year/Aliya with a ‘Special-needs' family member? Chezi Goldberg z'l --H'YD- May Gd Avenge his blood- wrote about coming on Aliya with children and teens, I am sure, had he lived ...