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1. Nursing a Grudge
(Matching tags: Attachment,Nefesh Israel,Nefesh International,Jewish Press)
Nefesh International is now celebrating its bar mitzvah.  Begun, 13 years ago in someone's living room, its 13th annual conference will be held December 31st-January 3rd, 2010, at The Hyatt Regency Long ...
2. 'Hollyvood' for the Orthodox?
(Matching tags: Mrs. Esti Pallant,Noach Korman,Veheshiv Lev Avot,Nefesh International,Nefesh Israel,Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer)
For the first time in Israel the Haredi community has produced a movie for, by, and with ‘real' Haredi actors.  Well really two movies.  The first one, Ushpesin was a popular movie very professionally ...