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1. Nursing a Grudge
(Matching tags: Attachment,Nefesh Israel,Nefesh International,Jewish Press)
Nefesh International is now celebrating its bar mitzvah.  Begun, 13 years ago in someone's living room, its 13th annual conference will be held December 31st-January 3rd, 2010, at The Hyatt Regency Long ...
2. Mental health and religion in Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews
(Matching tags: Nefesh-Israel,Disengagement,Gaza Strip,Effects Of The Withdrawal,Ultra-Orthodox)
Sharmila Devi Psychological after-effects of the recent evacuation of the Gaza strip are starting to show in both soldiers and settlers. But, says Sharmila Devi, mental-health professionals often have ...
3. We Are Walking On The Shoulders Of Heroes: Alexander Rubowitz, aged 16 forever, HY'D.
(Matching tags: Alexander Rubowitz,Lohamei Herut Yisrael,Jewish Stern Gang,Roy Farran,Lehi,Jewish Press)
There is a song in the musical "My Fair Lady", that goes something like this: "I have often walked down this street before..." Well I have often walked down Ussishkin Street close to the corner of Keren ...
4. The Morning (Mourning) After the Days Before
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,Nefesh Israel Conference,Chezi Goldberg)
Today is the day after The Sixth Annual Nefesh Israel Conference.  It was a major success.  We had close to 300 hundred people a day for three days.   The conference title was Building Bridges in Mental ...
5. Re: Elections 2006 in Israel
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,Elections in Israel)
Last week we had Election Day here in Israel.  The final results will not be known vis a vis the ‘constitution' of the government and the ‘deals' that the ruling party, Kadima, will make to secure a smooth ...
6. Homeless (for the year) in Israel
(Matching tags: Israel,For The Year,Yeshivot,Seminaries)
July 2004 "Mrs. Guedalia you might not remember me, but I ate at your house on Yom Tov, right now I am at a pay phone, and have a large piece of glass in my hand.
7. 'Hollyvood' for the Orthodox?
(Matching tags: Mrs. Esti Pallant,Noach Korman,Veheshiv Lev Avot,Nefesh International,Nefesh Israel,Mrs. Estanne Abraham Fawer)
For the first time in Israel the Haredi community has produced a movie for, by, and with ‘real' Haredi actors.  Well really two movies.  The first one, Ushpesin was a popular movie very professionally ...
8. We Have To Be Grateful For Many Things
(Matching tags: Rosh HaShana,Intifada,IDF,Living In Israel,Leek,Beets,Days of Awe,Shana Tova,Apple and Honey,Metuka)
... for those killed and maimed during these past four years.  It is hard to remember that we should be thankful too!  Of the total 135 ‘successful' attacks, Israel Defense Forces thwarted 406.  At the beginning ...