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1. Bukra Fil Mish-Mish: Tomorrow When The Apricots Bloom
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,Hope,Gush Katif)
"Od tiyeh, od tihye, Kamah tov yihye, Ba'shanah, ba'shanah ha'ba'ah."
2. Confusing and Converting Symptoms
(Matching tags: Psychosis,Disorder In Reading,Hysterical Paralysis,Conversion Disorder,Disengagement,Jewish Press,Gush Katif,Dyslexia,Pathology,Neuropsychological Emergency,Paralysis)
I had already received four different phone messages referring this child for assessment.  The parents, the Talmud Torah Rebbe, and the Rav they consulted.  The forth call was from an Askan (literally ...