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1. We 'Get' Pachad Yitzchak, But What about Avraham?
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,Gordian Knot,Epileptic Seizures)
    When my kids were younger I used to say, "My sons keep me in stitches," meaning of course, that they were great fun and also frequently needed to get "sewn-up" after their various exploits.  One particularly ...
2. Moli's Story: The Heroism and Optimism of a Fifteen Year Old and Her Mother
(Matching tags: Epileptic Seizure,Brain Tumor,Trauma)
She was a cute 15 and a half year old teenager from a development town in the southern part of Israel.  She couldn't believe that her usually ‘strict' Moroccan born father and French-born, chic but very ...