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1. Birkhat Ha’Gomel: Community Response to Acute Stress Disorder
(Matching tags: PIE,Sings,Thanksgiving for Salvation,Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment,CBT,Chronic Post Traumatic Stress,DSM-IV,Birkhat Ha’gomel,ASD,Acute Stress Disorder,Pharmacotherapy,Abreaction,Psychoeducation Technique,EMDR,PTSD,Guilt)
ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to propose the introduction of a communal ritual as a post trauma early intervention technique. There are specific community oriented methods for dealing with trauma ...
2. Thanksgiving Jerusalem Style 2006: The Triple's Fifth Anniversary
(Matching tags: Terror,EMDR,Jewish Press)
         Amalia Oren, director of social work at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem where I work, came down to show me a well-worn edition of LaIsha. On the cover of this women's magazine was a beautiful ...
3. Out 'Darn' Spot: Another Case In A Neuropsychologist's Journal
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,Post-Traumatic Stress,EMDR)
         In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, plagued by guilt for her part in the killing of Duncan, utters the famous line "Out, Out  ['Darn'] Spot!" while in a state of almost manic sleepwalking. ...
4. EMDR ונפגעי טרור: חלק ב
(Matching tags: Dual Attention Elements,EMDR Intervention,Cognitive Neuropsychological,EMDR,Limbic System,Negative Cognition,DESENSITIZATION,SUDS,Body Scan,Normalization,Positive Cognition)
SCREENING When the patient is showing dissociative responses to the trauma, hysterical paralysis, fugue-like state, we don't attempt EMDR.  As the Patients are usually in the ER for many many hours (5-8) ...
5. Lung EMDR
(Matching tags: EMDR)
"We would like you to come up to pediatrics for a consult", the department social worker asked, "I'll be right up".  Generally the patients who request pre and post operative counseling or logistics--how ...