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1. Mental health and religion in Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews
(Matching tags: Nefesh-Israel,Disengagement,Gaza Strip,Effects Of The Withdrawal,Ultra-Orthodox)
Sharmila Devi Psychological after-effects of the recent evacuation of the Gaza strip are starting to show in both soldiers and settlers. But, says Sharmila Devi, mental-health professionals often have ...
2. He is nineteen years old
(Matching tags: Disengagement,Sharon,Kissufim road)
Excitement and Joy are meted out here like single M&Ms. Saturday night the country was thrown in to ecstasy (not the pills that were just smuggled into the country by a former minister in the shape of ...
3. Confusing and Converting Symptoms
(Matching tags: Psychosis,Disorder In Reading,Hysterical Paralysis,Conversion Disorder,Disengagement,Jewish Press,Gush Katif,Dyslexia,Pathology,Neuropsychological Emergency,Paralysis)
I had already received four different phone messages referring this child for assessment.  The parents, the Talmud Torah Rebbe, and the Rav they consulted.  The forth call was from an Askan (literally ...
4. Orange is Hot and Blue is Calming? Living in Israel During Colorful Times.
(Matching tags: Dedication,Disengagement,Blue Strips,Orange Strips,Loyalty,Passive,wholesomeness,Fruitfulness,Contentment,Warmth,Calm)
I am in a conundrum.  Torn between parts of myself.  In Jerusalem right now, as in many areas of the country, cars are ‘festooned' in blue or orange strips of cloth.  Orange is for those who don't want ...