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(Matching tags: Accidental Death,Biblical Model Dedication,Mourning,Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder)
By JUDITH GUEDALIA, YOCHEVED DEBOW AND DAVID DEBOW In this paper we present an integrative model for helping perpetrators of accidental killing accept the consequences of their actions and their 'new' ...
2. Eretz Ochelet/Dorechet Yoshve'ha
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,Injuries,Death,Accidents)
Ochelet Yoshve'ha (consumes its inhabitants) is what the meraglim (Biblical spies sent out by Moses to check out the Israel of old) reported when they returned. For deriding G-d's munificence, ...
3. The Continuing Legacy Of Chezi Goldberg
(Matching tags: Death,Terrorism,Jewish Press,Chezi Goldberg)
Chezi Goldberg, H"Y"D, May G-d Avenge His Blood, was the columnist who wrote the weekly column "Chezi's Corner" for The Jewish Press. He was an early member of Nefesh Israel, and was on the conference ...
4. "...but they are only children"-- On motherhood and punishment-- the Ben Sorer U'Moreh
(Matching tags: Motherless,Loeb,Clarence Darrow,Death Sentence,Leopold,Aloni,Ben-Ivgi)
Recently the Israeli press reported a complex capture involving Argentine and Israeli police, Interpol, and the assistance of the local Jewish community.  About five months ago, while on weekend leave ...
5. There are many topics that are not easily spoken about, death is one of them.
(Matching tags: Accidents,Death,PTSD,Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,Shock,Numbness,Anger,Guilt,Depression,Process Of Healing/Acceptance,Family stress,Aftermath,Acceptance)
There are many topics that are not usually spoken about, death is one of them.   I imagine this ‘discomfort' with the topic stems from the fact that for each of us, someone's dying, brings to our awareness ...