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1. Taking Home The Lessons Of Gan Eden - Ultimate Kindergarten (Part Two)
(Matching tags: Growth Needs,Deficiency Needs,Maslowian instruction,Cognitive Intervention,Learned Helplessness,Jewish Press)
Last week I related right after Simchat Torah and the beginning of the new cycle of Torah readings, how I was pondering about my role in helping patients in my practice, based on the first readings about ...
2. EMDR ונפגעי טרור: חלק ב
(Matching tags: Dual Attention Elements,EMDR Intervention,Cognitive Neuropsychological,EMDR,Limbic System,Negative Cognition,DESENSITIZATION,SUDS,Body Scan,Normalization,Positive Cognition)
SCREENING When the patient is showing dissociative responses to the trauma, hysterical paralysis, fugue-like state, we don't attempt EMDR.  As the Patients are usually in the ER for many many hours (5-8) ...