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21. A Kuna Matata - Don't Worry, Be Happy vs. Gam Zu L'Tova
(Matching tags: Chaim K.,Hakuna Matata,Quadriplegic,Jewish Press)
By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. There we were less than a week before Tisha B'Av, the most cataclysmic day in our history. The Two Tablets lay broken as a result of loss of faith by the newly freed ...
22. 'Chaim B'Seret' - 'Living In A Movie' (Part I)
(Matching tags: Chaim K.,Quadriplegic,Cerebral Spine Injured,Singles Scene,CSI,Jewish Press)
By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2008 Almost immediately on entering my office, Chaim K. begins with the title and says:   "You might ask why I thought of this title.  I have thought about this and ...
23. 'Chaim B'Seret' - 'Living In A Movie' (Part II)
(Matching tags: Jewish Press,Chaim K.,Singlehood)
By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2008 The unsaid words in Chaim's 'bubble' are still hanging about the room; it is heavy with hope, expectations tinged with deep, deep sadness, fear against fear ...
24. Soaring In Our Minds To Heights When Stuck On Earth
(Matching tags: DSM,Bipolar Disorder,Chaim K.,Episodes Of Mania,Classic Bipolar Disorder,Episodes Of Depression,Jewish Press)
By Dr. Judith Guedalia © 2008 with Chaim K. To be honest, almost all of the cases or people I see cause my brain to take flight and "soar" to points unknown.  This statement may seem like I have finally ...
25. The Gift Which Was Too Expensive
(Matching tags: Chaim K.,Gifts,Hope,Metuna,Jewish Press)
By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. It has been a month and a half since the last time we met.  Holidays and other constraints have gotten ‘in the way'.  One example is the ‘gift that was too expensive'.  ...
26. I understand you....
(Matching tags: Paralysis,Spinal Cord Injury,SCI,Jewish Press,Chaim K.,Spina Bifida,C1 - C 2 Injury,Polio)
Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2006 People who see me in my wheelchair, and bother to come over, say ‘oh, we understand you'.  My brother, my sister and my mother say they understand me. No one understands ...
27. Dumb Things That People Say
(Matching tags: Sensitivities,Chaim K.,Jewish Press,Sensibilities)
By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K.  Words are very powerful indeed.  So much so that mute -- unable to speak (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary) is in the vernacular, ‘Dumb'.  In Judaism we may hear ...
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