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1. Birkhat Ha’Gomel: Community Response to Acute Stress Disorder
(Matching tags: PIE,Sings,Thanksgiving for Salvation,Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment,CBT,Chronic Post Traumatic Stress,DSM-IV,Birkhat Ha’gomel,ASD,Acute Stress Disorder,Pharmacotherapy,Abreaction,Psychoeducation Technique,EMDR,PTSD,Guilt)
... well as the most commonly used professional methods. A combination of these techniques may be effective to alleviate acute stress disorder and prevent chronic post traumatic stress in the general public. ...
2. Case of the Mute French Again
(Matching tags: Piguah,Weird Cognitions,Acute Stress,Brain-Behavior Relationship)
Wednesday night I finished ‘early' at 5:30 pm. What can I say, at 5:45pm the beeper went off, the radio channel had ‘Piguah (apres terrorist) music'-soft tones, philosophic melodies, and I turned around ...