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Bukra Fil Mish-Mish: Tomorrow When The Apricots Bloom

"Od tiyeh, od tihye,
Kamah tov yihye,
Ba'shanah, ba'shanah ha'ba'ah."

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Canavan Disease, Dental Care And A Parent's Way Of Attending To Her Child*
         Years ago when I was starting as a Developmental Neuropsychologist, a mother of a patient taught me one of the most important lessons of my over 30-year career.
And Don't Forget Your Gemushka
         After tirelessly working "the system" for over three years, a resident of Rechov HaGedaim, perpendicular to my street in Jerusalem, was ecstatic. The Municipality, specifically the department in charge of street-sign names, approved his proposal and Rechov HaGedaim has a new name: Rechov Trumpledor. Well not exactly a new name, but rather a more " P.C." (Politically Correct) new name, because HaGedaim, as I learned from my grandson, means "The Amputee".
I Heard You Like A Challenge
       My private number at the office (The Neuropsychology Unit at Shaare Zedek Medical Center in Jerusalem) rang. Now I am quite reachable, most people "have my number" (both concretely and metaphorically), and I don't answer phones during work hours (or I'd just be answering phones all day and not working). The exception to the last point is my "nuclear" family.
Eretz Ochelet/Dorechet Yoshve'ha

Ochelet Yoshve'ha (consumes its inhabitants) is what the meraglim (Biblical spies sent out by Moses to check out the Israel of old) reported when they returned. For deriding G-d's munificence, they and Am Yisrael were punished and forced to wander in the desert sands for 40 years.

'Two' Is Better Than 'One', And The Cord Of Three Strands...

By Dr. Judith Guedalia, Chaim K., Jenny S. and Mimi N. © 2007

I was nervous. This was going to be my first "group" in a very long time. How would I segue to a foursome from a "sicha b'arba eynaim" - literally four-eyed conversation − the vernacular for the French tête-à-tête, "head to head" − or in English: a private conversation between two persons?
Mirror, Mirror On The 'Cell Wall?'
Former MK and former Prisoner of Zion Natan Sharansky is said to have kibbitzed that he seems to have been the only member of Knesset who had the distinction of having sat in jail before he was elected.
Reflecting On Reality... Or Not Every Race Is Worth Winning
       He knocked on the door. He was early and I asked him to wait in the waiting area. He paced back and forth. He knocked again. And again. All I could think of as I opened the door was Mr. Hare (The Mad Hatter, actually) from Alice in Wonderland singing:
Seeing Life as It Can Be - Not Accepting Life As It Is!
By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. 
        "When I first came to Dr. Guedalia, about a year ago, I believed/thought that my life was over, because I am paralyzed; because I can't do anything; because I can't breath on my own; because I can't get married. But since then, my way of thinking changed, and I learned to look at life in relative, not absolute terms.
A Sad Tale Of Four Sons
        On January 18, I saw the telecast of a horrible car accident on the Arava road to Eilat, where two people were killed and five wounded. It was announced that the driver was Ami Popper, who was convicted of murdering seven Arabs 16 years ago. The announcement went on to say that his wife, Sarah (nee Goldberg), 42, and their six-year-old son, Shimshon, were the individuals killed.
Who Moved My Chocolate Cake?
Levi C. (not his real name) is a 26-year-old chassidic young man. At age 20, he was hit by a car. Now, over five years later, after many hospitalizations and then rehabilitation, he is functioning pretty well physically. But cognitively he has some problems and serious issues with short- term memory.
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