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On Winter, Smudge Pots, Dirges And S.A.D.
Winter is upon us. Well sort of, Winter, here in Israel connotes rain-time and though I'm not complaining, everyone is concerned. Getting very little, or no significant amounts of rain, is a real threat to agriculture which all of us here take very personally, even if Hi-Tech is on the way of supplanting (sorry for the pun) agriculture, it is our financially successful export industry.
Beaufort And Me

At the recent Nefesh Israel Conference, a woman gave two thumbs up, smiled and said, "'Beaufort' made it; we're on the 'short list.' " I knew her to be his Mom, Mrs. Tzippi Cedar, an experienced psycho-drama therapist in her own right and mother of Yoseph Cedar. The son is the co-writer and director of the film, "Beaufort" - one of this year's four Academy Award nominees for Best Foreign Language film. This is Israel's first such achievement in 27 years.

I B, Ther4 I M - But Wht 'bout Me 2?!@?!

He* (*"He" and "She" here are a conglomeration of quite a number of similar yet different cases) called and said he was having terrible headaches; the headaches felt as though there were stones in and on top of his head. I asked if he'd already been to a physician to rule out medical/neurological diagnosis. He said, ". . . the neurologist was the doc who referred me to you." "Okay," I responded as my son would say, "let's meet once-in-a-row."

The Continuing Legacy Of Chezi Goldberg

Chezi Goldberg, H"Y"D, May G-d Avenge His Blood, was the columnist who wrote the weekly column "Chezi's Corner" for The Jewish Press. He was an early member of Nefesh Israel, and was on the conference committee for the Second, Third and Fourth Annual Nefesh Israel Conferences.

Living And Learning From The Sayings Of Our Fathers

By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2007

         Hillel says: "Do not separate from the community. And do not trust yourself until the day of your death. And don't judge your friend until you are in his place. And don't say something is impossible to hear because it will be heard in the end. And do not say that when I have time available I will study, lest no time will be availed."

(Pirkei Avot - Values Of Our Fathers,

Chapter 2: Mishna 4)
Counting-Up Our Days And Hopes For The Future

By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Mr. Chaim K.

         One of the hardest things to do is the "count-up." Start at a point of extreme, almost ineffable sadness and pain, and start counting the seconds, minutes and hours for the relief, elimination or resolution of that pain. The destruction of the Temple provides a larger-than-life insight into what may be the only way a person can cope when so overwhelming a tragedy strikes us as individuals or as a community, and doesn't seem to have a 'repair/resolution' immediately available. How we respond and act on a community level may provide insight into the individual's coping options.

On Crying And Genetics (Part 2)
          One of the benefits of working in the same place for close to 20 years is receiving "surprise" guests. Not infrequently, people who happen to find themselves at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, and specifically on the 5th floor, pop in to say hello years after our having met professionally. One such guest was an attractively dressed woman in her early 30s. She knocked on the door, and I as I opened it I had a flashback of my first days on the job. I had been asked to see a 13-year-old girl in Pediatrics who was crying softly to herself for, what the nurses felt, was an inordinate amount of time.
On Crying And Genetics (Part One)
         She came in with two children; a six-year-old girl and an infant boy in a stroller. Batya (not her real name), the elder of the two children, was to be assessed. At age six, she had been held back in kindergarten for a year to help her "mature." When Mrs. L. began to explain the reason for bringing her daughter, she mentioned that she seemed to have difficulties in attention and learning and that after already repeating kindergarten, the Gannenet (kindergarten teacher) recommended that she undergo a developmental neuropsychological evaluation.
Out 'Darn' Spot: Another Case In A Neuropsychologist's Journal
         In Shakespeare's Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, plagued by guilt for her part in the killing of Duncan, utters the famous line "Out, Out  ['Darn'] Spot!" while in a state of almost manic sleepwalking. "The king and queen persist in imagining that physical actions can root out psychological demons, but the play is an exposition of how wrong they are" (Macrone 106).
Jealousy, Cupidity/Desire And Honor/Dignity Put A Man Out Of The World (Pirkei Avot/Sayings Of The Fathers': 4:21)

By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2007

        "Last night I went to a good friend's wedding, yet again; my friends seem to be dropping-out of bachelorhood like flies," smiles Chaim K. aged 20, through moist eyes. "I thought about the scene of our last dance together. We were in the center of the circle, music blaring and our eyes locked. Menachem (not his real name) was holding onto my hand and spinning my wheelchair around with him. We both knew that I was happy and envious at the same time. I knew too, that he was happy that I was alive, and sad that I was locked in this chair with my respirator.

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'Capped And Then Handi-capped'

Co-written by Chaim K. and Dr. Judith Guedalia © 2007 (Written last Purim)

        Kail Maleh Rachamim, He Who lives in the uppermost levels of the heavens

         So begins the prayer for those who die; Beseeching G-d to help them find full peace under the wings of the Shechina.
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