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A Kuna Matata - Don't Worry, Be Happy vs. Gam Zu L'Tova

By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K.

There we were less than a week before Tisha B'Av, the most cataclysmic day in our history. The Two Tablets lay broken as a result of loss of faith by the newly freed Bnai Yisrael, the very same people who experienced G-d's presence among them in both a very spiritual and physical sense. Their enemies "plagued and their soldiers drowned in the parting of the Red Sea; the earth and sky heralding the establishment of the Jewish people's law - the oral law and the written law; and they lost faith and built a golden calf.
When The Mouth Can't Speak... (Conclusion)

When Sara, Moses and Zvi Banai (not their real names) left my office after their first appointment, they were somewhat "shell-shocked" by what had transpired.  The reason they had come was to get help for their son, Zvi, aged 12 years who had Encopresis and after speaking to me I had entreated Zvi to please, do not stop "leaking" till our next appointment.

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When The Mouth Can't Speak... (Part I)

"I can't believe I finally reached you," said the harried voice at the other end of the phone. "I have been trying to call you for months."  

"Trying to call me for months? I usually have a pretty good 'call-back-return' time," I answered.

"Oh no," she said, "I didn't leave any messages, nor did I reach anyone in your office. I meant I have been meaning to call you for months." So at least one area of contention was explained!

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Don't I have the 'Right' To Love and Be Loved?

It was an unusual request for an appointment. A phone call from a Rav who is a well-known popular posek for married couples, requesting an appointment to come and speak with me about something personal.

Sure, I said, sensing that this was as unusual a request for him to make, as it was for me to receive.

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'Off-The-Derech' From Off-To-The-Side: A Different Perspective

Dr. Judith Guedalia © 2008 and Mr. Chaim K.

"Don't make me into some kind of "Hacham b'Leila." Literally this means a wise-man-of-the-night, figuratively, advice by happenstance, or someone whose input isn't based on professional achievement, but rather, "serendipity" and as such, should not be given credence.
Anger vs. Midot: States And Traits From Chaim K.'s Perspective

By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2008

Over the Hagim I met many Americans who − once introduced to me − said something like the following:
How is Chaim K.?
A Tale Of Two Cities And Life's Passages
If you are "sane" enough to say you are crazy, you are not insane enough to be taken seriously (see Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, 1961).
Two parallel existences go on. The inhabitants of both "cities" project their hopes and dreams on one another.
Listening With The Third Ear

"Hello is this Dr. Guedalia?" When I answered in the affirmative the woman on the other end of the phone began to cry. I just held on to the phone. "Are you still there?" she gasped, "yes, I'd sing Muzak (elevator music) if I knew how, but as things stand now you would cry harder." That elicited a little auditory smile. "In what way do you think I can help you", I asked. "I don't really want to say, but the good cry I had with someone on the other end was enough. Thank you so much for being there," she said and hung up.

Sounds Of Silence: Chaim K. And His Old Friend Darkness

Dr. Judith Guedalia © 2008 and Chaim K.

Hello darkness, my old friend; I've come to talk with you again

Because a vision softly creeping, left its seeds while I was sleeping

And the vision that was planted in my brain; still remains,

Within the sound of silence

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The Color Of Water
Late one evening I needed something from the supermarket. I walked over to the Supersol on Agron, near King George Street. This is not an easy task today as the construction of the inner city (Jerusalem) train/trolley system is going on full steam, and evening and night are the peak periods of work. There were many stumbling blocks − literally − in the path, as well as fences and equipment and, of course, the ever-present traffic.
A Purim L'Chaim, BS"D With G-d's Intervention

By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2008

(This column was written several weeks before Purim.)
"When a person wakes up in the morning, opens his eyes and he's alive, he might think that this is the most natural thing that [anything] can be; well he's wrong!
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