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Homeless (for the year) in Israel

July 2004

"Mrs. Guedalia you might not remember me, but I ate at your house on Yom Tov, right now I am at a pay phone, and have a large piece of glass in my hand.

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'Hollyvood' for the Orthodox?

For the first time in Israel the Haredi community has produced a movie for, by, and with ‘real' Haredi actors.  Well really two movies.  The first one, Ushpesin was a popular movie very professionally done and available to the public in the ‘standard' movie theaters around the country.  The second one "Veheshiv Lev Avot" (Turning Back the Fathers Heart), a more modest production is selling like hotcakes in Me'a Shearim, Bnai Brak and other Haredi enclaves.  It is formatted as DVD or Mpv (can be watched on a computer)  or VCR (cassette video-tape) and is sold for only 50 Shekel (about $12.00!!!)  The stories are totally different but the impact of this bold move is groundbreaking. 

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He is nineteen years old

Excitement and Joy are meted out here like single M&Ms. Saturday night the country was thrown in to ecstasy (not the pills that were just smuggled into the country by a former minister in the shape of M&Ms), by Macabee Tel Aviv's basketball team's win over Bologna in the European Cup finals.  The coach thanking God for His help, the country thrown into a frenzy of parties, one in a Tel Aviv park lasting in the early morning hours and consisting of tens of thousands dressed in the team colors of yellow and black.

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Press release


Hatzalah Yosh now Saving Lives in Sri Lanka

By Order of Israel's Chief Rabbis

 Week after refusing an Israeli aid delegation, Sri Lankan authorities, due to the enormity of the disaster and mounting need for medical assistance, accepted the offer of assistance made by Israel's Chief Rabbis. On Wednesday, January 5th a delegation of volunteer workers from Hatzalah Yosh, left for Colombo, Sri Lnaka, in order to assist with the local medical and emergency service needs. The delegation left Ben Gurion International airport at 17:15 with Rabbi Metzger present.

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Cleaning our ‘larger house--our Community: Egla Arufa and Domestic Harmony

Israel's Supreme Court has recently come down with a ruling on a case where a mother punished' her child by hitting him with a vacuum cleaner. The Court also mandated that all corporeal punishment meted out by a parent to a child be considered abuse, and dealt with by the police and courts accordingly.

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Stop And Smell The Flowers

There is a saying in English "Stop and smell the flowers" which loosely means to take time out and enjoy the beauty in life.  In Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, one hardly sees people walking slowly and enjoying the framed pictures that decorate the walls.  I too am always rushing from one place to another. However, there is only one place that I do stop to enjoy a sense of peace.

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"We would like you to come up to pediatrics for a consult", the department social worker asked, "I'll be right up".  Generally the patients who request pre and post operative counseling or logistics--how to contact the insurance companies, rehabilitation units to continue therapy, preparation of family for the recovering patient etc.-- are served by the departmental social worker.  Sometimes a physician or a patient asks for a psychological consult.


We'd like you to come up to see an young boy, said Dr. Ansky, the then pediatric chief resident.  We have a patient here, an 8 year old boy from a small Bedouin village, he is blind but he can see.

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There are many topics that are not easily spoken about, death is one of them.
There are many topics that are not usually spoken about, death is one of them.   I imagine this ‘discomfort' with the topic stems from the fact that for each of us, someone's dying, brings to our awareness our own mortality.  Not infrequently we read about ‘accidents' at work, in the armed forces, ‘on the road', and in the home, that result in another's death.  I always wonder about what is generally not mentioned, which is: what happens to the person who causes the accident?  Recently in Israel the news reported a heart breaking incident.

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We lost our general on the battlefield

Tuesday September 9, 2003
6:00 pm
I am writing this to give you a ‘temunat matzav', a picture of the ‘situation'.  The ‘Matzav' in Israel vis a vis ‘them and us'.

I guess life here is never either/or.  We cannot ‘dress-up, or down' and melt into surroundings and have a few hours ‘off' of being Israeli or Jewish or Arab for that matter.  When I'm on a plane, just before the flight attendants ask ‘are you the Kosher', I have a feeling that I am anonymous and ‘just like everyone else', for example the person sitting in the seat next to me.

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Coming to Israel for the Year

Coming to Israel for the Year/Aliya with a ‘Special-needs' family member?

Chezi Goldberg z'l --H'YD- May Gd Avenge his blood- wrote about coming on Aliya with children and teens, I am sure, had he lived out his 120 years with us, he would have written about coming on Aliya with children, teens, and adults with special-needs.

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Soaring In Our Minds To Heights When Stuck On Earth

By Dr. Judith Guedalia © 2008 with Chaim K.

To be honest, almost all of the cases or people I see cause my brain to take flight and "soar" to points unknown.  This statement may seem like I have finally "blown a gasket" myself, but the metaphor of "blown" set me thinking about the highs and lows - Chaim K. (among others) experiences.

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