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The third star had just begun to twinkle: A case of neuro/psychological detective work.

It was just about Motzei Shabbat, the third star (of the three required to signify the end of Shabbat) was barely twinkling when I received a phone call.  Thinking this must be from a family member, telling me 'something happened' over the past 26 hours when we were ‘out' of communication, I answered the phone by saying: "Shavua Tov, what happened?  I didn't expect to hear the voice of a somber Rav, who identified himself as a leader of a specific ultra orthodox group.   We had previously ‘met' by telephone over a case of a very troubled adolescent young man whose actions suggested a problem in the brain/behavior relationship, and as a neuropsychologist I tried to help out.  My guess was that he was calling about a similar situation.

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The Theory of Mind and the Little Experiential Museum that Roared

Frequently when one lives in a place you don't see it as well as a tourist does. Tucked away in ‘The City' is a small museum that reminds me of a movie I saw in 1959, it was called The Mouse that Roared.  It was a comedy about a teeny country that figured out how to get money from the USA coffers.  Lose a war against the US and you are assured reconstruction funding, so they declared war (in the movie, much to their chagrin they won the war and didn't get the funding).

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Terrorism has many forms

With the advent of the Internet we have made ‘boundri-less' contacts.  We may be sitting in the office, at home or on the ‘road', but we can ‘connect' with faceless friends and foes alike.  There is an intimacy that this ‘ahistorical' (without history) contact permits us, even encourages.  It has many benefits, the closeness of information: "just Google it", the physical contact of touching the computer and ‘speaking' to someone ‘out there'.  Immense amounts of information are right at our fingertips.  We at Nefesh- an international networking organization for orthodox mental health professional have created a wonderful ListServ, a forum for communication between like-minded individuals.  We are ‘networking' day and night (depending where on the globe you reside), asking for referrals to other professionals, consulting on issues and just passing on information that may be of interest to members.  The world has indeed become smaller and closer through the internet. 

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Me, We, and Them - States and Traits in our family: An Experiential Workshop

In Israel we are not accustomed to a three day Chag.  We don't have a Yom Tov Shel Goliut-the extra day tagged on to the Shalosh Regalim--Sukot, Pessach and Shavuot.  In fact pre-Rosh Hashana, which is two days for us all, we get a siege-like mentality worsened by the fact that we can't get fresh bread and dairy products each day!  So as Shavuot approaches and the days are at their longest,  I wanted to share an ‘experiential' workshop to be used as family activity.

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Bringing on the Redemption via South East Asia

12 January 2005

A few weeks ago the Trauma Team of Shaare Zedek Medical Center were informed of an upcoming ‘drill' with the Home Front (similar to the U.S. Dept. of Home Security).  We were supposed to update the ER response to potential chemical/gas warfare.  Over the years we have had many such drills.  During previous drills the male soldiers were given ‘parts/roles' to play in a ‘script'; they might ‘play' be a child or woman who was injured by chemical or gas warfare.  We were informed as to what the code for the drill will on our beepers or cell phones, and mentally prepared for the ‘event'.

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Si Vas Pacem Para Bellum --When you want peace prepare for war!!

What do we ‘do' in times of Piguim and what to 'expect' on order to prepare for multiple (mass) community 'events' given the 'warnings', a question some of my NYC colleagues have been asking as they prepare for the Convention. 

Tags: Hints For The Staff In The ER | War

September/Elul and New Beginnings

September/Elul brings with it the sense of new beginnings, the beginning of the Jewish New Year and  the beginning of the School New Year.   Over the past 20 years as Director of the Neuropsychology Unit at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, I have trained more than eighty interns in the field of psychology, specifically Neuropsychology, Medical, Developmental, and Rehabilitation Psychology.  Each year I await the new ‘batch' of graduate students who are doing either their first year of fieldwork (after their first year of graduate school), senior fieldwork (after their second year of grad school), and interns (four part-time years or two full time years, after graduation).  I am never sure who is more nervous, them or me.

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A Miracle of Co-Existence
Wednesday, June 09, 2004

This week the ‘Separation Plan' -separating Israeli and Arab settlements and villages passed in the Cabinet by a narrow margin.

We live in a strange place, this Israel.  It's hard to explain to just about anyone how we (Arabs, Christians and Jews) co-exist even in times of peace let alone times of war (hot, lukewarm, or cold).  You can tell where even the smallest cul-de -sac bistro is located by the armed guard sitting outside.  Everyone undergoes bag checks and is electronically ‘wanded' before being permitted entrance to supermarkets, museums, libraries, malls and every other public place.  Sure we (and you) see the images of war and of Arabs waiting at ‘check-points' for access to ‘greater' Israel, but do you know that in Shaare Zedek Medical Center, of the 687 babies born last month, and the 4,606 babies born since January 1st 2004, 15 % were born to Arab families, and that's just one of the three Jerusalem hospitals!

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Off the Path but on the Derech: An Unusual Travelogue

Firstly, I would like to paraphrase Lyndon Baines Johnson, when, in his inaugural speech in the Senate, after President Kennedy's murder, he said: I would give anything not to be here today.

Chezi Goldberg z'l -Hashem Yikom Dammo- was a colleague, a friend, a past conference planning committee member, and presenter at the recent 7th Annual Nefesh Conference in Jerusalem (just one week before his murder).

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No we haven't all joined MDA (Magen David Adom) Ambulance Crew.

If you happen to be in Israel after January 1st, you will see many cars with reflective vests hanging over front row seats otherwise they might be in the glove-compartment.  The date has been designated for a new traffic ‘law', punishable by fine and ‘points' for a ‘moving traffic violation' (the most serious of traffic violations).

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Moli's Story: The Heroism and Optimism of a Fifteen Year Old and Her Mother
She was a cute 15 and a half year old teenager from a development town in the southern part of Israel.  She couldn't believe that her usually ‘strict' Moroccan born father and French-born, chic but very protective mother, had allowed her to go on a three day trip to Tiberias with friends.

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