Dr Judith Guedalia

The Higher The Expectation The Bigger The Fall

Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K.

Chaim K. comes into the office and immediately begins to speak, as if our last meeting had never ended.

"Eight years ago, at age 14, I was hit by a car and left a quadriplegic on a respirator with the ability to only control my facial movements. A few years ago someone told my mother about a doctor who maybe could help me improve my condition.   I was waiting for an appointment with all my heart.  Maybe he could help me just improve my situation a little.  After months of waiting, we drove to Tel Aviv and I met the doctor and he checked my whole file.

Od Avinu Chai - Revisiting Germany
"Germany," she shouted, as if I could have heard her here in Jerusalem through the open window. "The line is awful tonight, I thought I heard you say you are going to Germany."  I told her that she had heard correctly.
A Visit To "Angels On The Moon"

By: Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K

"Do you dream, that the world will know your name

So tell me your name

Do you care, about all the little things or anything at all?

I wanna feel, all the chemicals inside I wanna feel

I wanna sunburn, just to know that I'm alive

To know I'm alive" ("Angels on the Moon,"  Lyrics by Thriving Ivory)

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Erev Taanit Esther 2009 - The Eighth 'Yahrzeit': Don't Judge Anyone

By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2009

Chaim comes rolling into the office, and no sooner has he parked his motorized wheelchair he says: "Hevei Dan Et Kol Adam LeKaf Zechut - in the vernacular, 'give everyone the benefit of the doubt.' Look it up and see what you can find on it, I will look too."

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Crowning Glory; The Gift - Not Just Learning About Chesed, But Doing It

I looked at her thinking of my grandmother, who used to refer to one's hair (especially girls') as "your crowning glory."   There she stood before me, all of 14 years old, hair shorn in a kind of choppy very short ponytail (Kuku in modern Hebrew, and a Fringe in UK).

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Sir, - I accuse myself for not getting out of my chair in Jerusalem and running to Kiryat Malachi to give Gila Katsav a hug. J'accuse the talking heads on TV and radio for not mentioning her suffering.

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Yahrzeit on Erev Rosh Hodesh Adar: 5768 - When the 'Deer Hunter' Lost

The Deer Hunter, is an anti-war movie about the loss of innocence as seen in three American friends - steel workers, who are soon off to fight in the Vietnam War of the 1960s.  One of the most frightening and horrifically memorable scenes is when drunken enemy guards holding the three, play "Russian Roulette" with one of the friends. This is regarded as the ultimate gambling  "game" (NOT TO BE ATTEMPTED!) is played by putting a single bullet in one of the chambers of a gun and spinning it, then pulling the trigger- not knowing if the chamber being fired contains the bullet will actually or if the chamber will be one of the empty ones.

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Liar, Liar Pants On Fire: Curiosity About 'Made-off' (Madoff) Or, What Can Lying Be?

I don't presume to be a criminal psychological profiler - however, the
Made-off Case has piqued my curiosity. This creep (a word I usually
only use for sexual predators) has stolen money from the mouths of
babes, widows, orphans, and the elderly. In the Torah we learn about
Leket/Gleanings; Shichicha/Forgotten produce and Peiah/Corners not
collected-which seem to be the earliest forms of communal charity
(Lev. 19: 9-10; Lev. 23: 22; Deut. 24: 19-22 see also Ruth 2: 2-23).

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Hang In There: Larvae, Pupae Metamorphose and Do Become Functioning Adults
"Metamorphosis is a biological process by which an animal physically develops after birth or hatching, involving a conspicuous and relatively abrupt change in the animal's form or structure through cell growth and differentiation. Scientific usage of the term is exclusive, and is not applied to general aspects of cell growth, including rapid growth spurts. References to "metamorphosis" in mammals are imprecise and only colloquial.

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Pyramid Of Needs And Then Some...

By Dr. Judith Guedalia and Chaim K. © 2008

We have many needs.  Sitting with Chaim K. as an annoying fly buzzes around, a need that is not on Maslow's iconic pyramid comes to mind.  The specific need to which I am referring is the need to be able to brush a fly off your face or just scratch something that itches. 

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We 'Get' Pachad Yitzchak, But What about Avraham?
    When my kids were younger I used to say, "My sons keep me in stitches," meaning of course, that they were great fun and also frequently needed to get "sewn-up" after their various exploits.  One particularly harrowing time the nurse at the school my children attended called very apologetically to say that one of my sons had been injured at school while the other had been injured on a school outing.  They were at two different ERs with two different teachers.   
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